What is AD account operation?

Our ad account operation service is to offer the management and day-to-day activities related to an advertising account. This can include various tasks and responsibilities associated with running advertising campaigns, particularly in the context of online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other digital advertising platforms.

Why is this so important?

With social media or google Ads, you can advertise directly to consumers with a genuine interest in your product. Every day there could be thousands of potential customers searching online for a product or service similar to yours. Creating an ads campaign is one of the most effective ways to capture this customers and start fostering your online business growth.

What we offer?

We offer to carry out comprehensive and refined operation and management of advertising accounts. This includes the allocation of advertising budgets and the construction of strategies. Besides, targeting the users and moniroting advertising is also part of our jobs. Eventually, we generate concise but comprehensive reports based on data of advertising performance.

Media strategy

Through multi-dimensional analysis of market target groups, competitors and market conditions, we can build a reasonable media channel combination, budget allocation and brand strategy based on customer demands and goals.

Representation of ad placement

We implement the delivery plan according to the established delivery strategy. By monitoring advertising data in real time, we can reach core user groups to improve advertising performance. 

Account diagnostics

We perform data analysis and problem diagnosis on users’ existing advertising accounts. In addition, we combine product and user characteristics to figure out professional suggestions and strategies, and generate reports.

Consulting and Q&A

We use real-time online chatting, Q&A document and other forms to provide in-depth consulting and Q&A services. Our content includes account optimization, advertising placement, updating and more.

Our Strategy


In different development stages, we confirm the most important business goals and concentrate to achieve the final results.

Multiple social-media operation

Based on the advertising attributes of different social-media, we combine best practical models to build the most effective groups of people, materials, and platforms to maximize conversion effects.

We accurately operate each advertising strategy in a refined manner, analyze data performance in multiple dimensions, and provide more crowd insights and data mining.

Specific advertising

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