GZ-200 Pneumatic Grease Pump

Pressure rate:50:1
Outlet pressure:30-40Mpa
Air inlet:0.6-0.8Mpa
Flow rate:0.85L/Min
Packing size:460*460*910mm
Injector gun:HCG-200
Pipe:High pressure resistant

KOCU pneumatic grease pump equipped with industrial resin barrel body, light weight.  Corrosion resisting and strength of industry class. Advanced technology, Super class material manufactured, excellent Pumping performance. Ensure KOCU products of durable and safe quality under high pressure working conditions.

We provide high quality maintenance products transferring low-viscosity liquids for professional repair station, workshops lubricating jobs for car, truck, machinery, board and other repair line.

This type of grease pump is widely used in the field of Metallurgy, Mining, Heavy machinery, Engineering Machinery, Ship building, Shipping port, Power Plant, Cement, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Chemical industry, Paper industry, Food industry, Construction Machinery and Vehicles etc.



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